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A self-directed online course and interactive community designed to uncover the mysteries of professional sounding guitar (from a pro!).


Riff To Radio is the ONLY program of its kind that…


1. Won't bog you down with a lot of theory
2. Provides you with an active and supportive community
3. Will generate results at any level of playing
4. Expand your ability to play and write in multiple genres
5. Gives you real world insights on how to break into the music industry

So if you’re ready to write radio-ready songs and level up your guitar playing (instead of wasting hours on YouTube or taking years of lessons), I'd love to help.

I get it! 


You think you need to do it all by yourself,


but you're not getting anywhere.


Riff to Radio will help you save your days



"The voicings he taught me actually led to my first major label cowrite."

Watch the video below to hear the impact Riff To Radio can have on your songwriting goals


Mike Rose


"The progress I've made in almost a year of using Riff To Radio is amazing. When I started, I had a very rudimentary knowledge of guitar and even less knowledge of songwriting in general. Now, I'm writing and recording multi instrument songs, including vocal arrangements. When I write a new chorus or bridge, I find myself testing the boundaries of my guitar proficiency to create a memorable song!"

"Mike helped me to become a songwriter and actually get my songs down on paper and come to life."

Lauren Chew


Neil Turk 


"In my 20 years of playing I never played to a metronome.  Riff To Radio helped me get to the point of where I can hit record and get it! I just released a self produced song without any hesitation or second thought!"

"I signed up immediately and I'm so glad I did!  If you have any second thoughts about taking Riff To Radio . . .do it! It gave me the confidence to release an album 5 months later!"

Maggi Mayfield 


"I decided to make this choice for me...because I have big dreams"


Ready to take your songs to the next level? 


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Module Breakdown + Benefits

Element One: Voicings 

Module Highlights:

Before you think about melodies and lyrics to your songs, you need to think about voicings! We'll discover how these can help transform the way you write and . . .

  • Make your songs more commercially appealing
  • Break out of the same old chord shapes that limit your creativity
  • Create different sonic textures and emotions to discover new melodic possibilities

Element Two: Strumming

You don't realize it but whatever decade and genre you listened to the most growing up. . thats your default pattern! Time to built consistent rhythm and . . .   

  • Break out of the same old strumming patterns
  • Choose strumming patterns that fit your songs 
  • Confidently play along with other musicians and songs  

Element Three: Techniques

One key to success for any songwriting guitarist is seeing the details. Most songwriters skip over this part but it's crucial if you want to..

  • Add depth to your progressions
  • Create variation in sessions without over crowding it with chords
  • Add the 'special sauce' that defines each genre

Songwriting Theory 

Theory can give anyone a headache, so let's focus on what's important for your songs..

  • Understanding major/minor keys to access better progressions
  • Ability to analyze keys of charting songs
  • Communicate more effectively with musicians
electric guitar

How to Apply Active Listening

The goal in this exercise isn’t perfection or figuring out everything to a T. No, the goal is to show you the mindset I’m in while listening to songs.  How much to listen, how many times  it takes to listen to "get it" (it varies!), where in the song should you listen, what to concentrate on first.

You'll learn on how to use songs and absorb their...

  • Patterns and Melodies
  • Ideas and Hooks 
  • Figure out the key, general techniques and styles used in each one

Guitar Hooks 101

A hook is very intentional, it's specific, it's well thought-out and we need to talk about them! They are integral to a memorable song.

We tend to think everyone else is doing really fancy things but they aren't!  If you’re a songwriter and understand how to piece these things that I'm about to talk about, together, then you can start to write your hooks. You'll understand how to...

  • Use reference songs
  • Develop a melody in your head, sing it, and then finding it on the guitar.
  • Picking sounds to help dictate the style and feel
  • Knowing the techniques are defining in each genre 
Guitar lessons country pop, folk pop, indie rock

Putting It All Together

One key to success for any songwriting guitarist is seeing theory into practice. That's why I'll walk you through songs I've written/recorded with my Riff To Radio system. Songs geared for. . .

  • Folk Pop/Singer Songwriter
  • Country Pop
  • Indie Rock
  • Power Pop/Punk
  • Modern Pop
guitar coaching motivation

Getting Unstuck : Gaining Clarity and Vision

I’m diving into the four types of habits people have, what they look like and some ways to wiggle yourself out of it. You might have encountered all four at some point in your life, but perhaps resonate the most with one, at the moment.

You'll learn..

  • What type of "stuck" you are
  • Recognize the warning signs
  • Ways to move forward and stay consistent in creating!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Riff To Radio Course - $497

Access to Private Facebook Group

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"Pure GOLD!" Do NOT miss out on these Amazing LIVE Sessions!!!

How to Pitch to a Publisher, Judy Stakee

How do you get a song in a publishers hands and start to establish a relationship with them? Or even get a staff writing deal? Judy will share her vast years of experience and discuss what is take to take to pitch your song to a publisher, pitching etiquette, and songs that get cut by artists!

Judy Stakee is a legendary music publisher, songwriting mentor, author and speaker. Best known for her work as Sr. VP of Creative at Warner Chappell Music, she’s responsible for signing and developing many of today’s most acclaimed artists and songwriters: Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, Michelle Branch, Joy Williams, Jewel, Gavin DeGraw, Julian Bunetta, John Shanks.

Getting your music in TV and Film sounds amazing right? But what’s the 1st step? Stacee and Mike will share some steps you should keep in mind when starting to pitch your songs to Music Supervisors and Music libraries. These steps will help you stand out more and make the best impression!

Stacee is founder and CEO of GRAVELPIT MUSIC. Raising the music bar, Gravelpit Music has signed an amazing catalogue of talent since its inception in 2012. The Los Angeles/Palm Springs based Music Publishing + Licensing + Supervision company prides itself on working with the brightest and most badass musical talents and creative minds on the globe.

Is there a secret to a great write?

Something to move it in the right direction?


Song-Starters are a great way to capture a vibe and feel. In this workshop Mike will share how to create them in a few genres. You don't need to a recording degree or need expensive gear to start doing this now! 


Let's get together via zoom for a one on one coaching session! Coaching sessions can help fast goals and gain clarity.


Whether you're new to the idea of co-writing or you've been doing it for years, this is will be something needed to jump start your creativity and create long-term writing partnerships.

Bonnie Baker has had a prolific career as a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated, Billboard Hit Songwriter and Producer, having written songs for people such as Hunter Hayes, Reba McEntire, Rachel Platten, Rascal Flatts, and many more. Selling over 20 Million copies of her songs.


Ok, you’ve got great songs but your production skills need help. How do you find and start collaborating with a producer? Josh and Mike will go through the do’s and don’ts from collaboration, file sharing, and music ownership.

Josh Doyle is a songwriter, drummer and founder of 3 Theory Music - with hundreds of songs written, produced and licensed. You can hear Josh's music used by companies like Amazon, Toyota, Verizon, Delta Airlines, Showtime, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS. He has built 2 recording studios from the ground-up, recorded albums for 2 singers from NBC's "The Voice", scored music for several short films and 1 feature film.

"Made For TV" Mini Course

Getting a sync placement can be a mystery, but you can be aware of some of the little things that make a song a better candidate for placement.

I break down this versatile track to show you how we achieved authenticity and power as well as moments of chill and quiet, all in one.



In this mini course, I sit down (virtually, of course) with Nashville based singer-songwriter and 2018 American Idol contestant, Madeline Finn... and we actually co-write a song over Zoom!

  • How to prepare for a cowrite so you can leave a great impression
  • How to communicate with an artist so you can find out what is important to them and their music
  • Learn the ‘do’s and don’ts' of a cowrite so you will always be invited back
  • Learn how to convey your ideas over a video chat medium
  • Get insights on how to get comfortable with a cowriter so you can establish a working relationship

"Guitar Hacks For The Modern Songwriter" Mini Course 



Songwriters always have voice memos filled with rough melody ideas but struggle to find the right chords to match. Here are some simple steps you can apply to find the perfect chords for your melody!

  • Making a super guitar out of voicings 
  • Creating loops with your guitar
  • Creating loops with your guitar

Live Critiques of your original song by Mike and Mixing and Mastering Engineer Josh Seawell from Seawell Studios

Get specific feedback on song structure and production from Mike and mixing quality from Josh.

Bonus Value: $1,841

Total Value (Course + Bonuses): $2,338



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Private Coaching Sessions & Riff to Radio



I am 100% confident in my course, and I also want you to have peace of mind, so I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee.
You'll finally have access to the tools you bring the melodies in your head to life!

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"and within a week or two I noticed a huge difference in my guitar playing"


Haily Gains


"I've had people try to explain techniques to me in the past, but it never fully clicked until hearing Riff To Radio. This is a hidden gem for songwriters!"

"As a self-taught guitarist and songwriter, the number of things I was doing the hard way for over a decade was incredibly surprising. My playing is comparatively effortless just a few months later, having learned smarter, simpler ways to approach problems across the fretboard."

Austin Hatch





Best Value




Private Coaching Sessions & Riff to Radio


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