Building Dexterity & Stamina

dexterity stamina Oct 21, 2019

Today, let's talk about dexterity and stamina in guitar playing! When you're playing a series of chord progressions and shapes for a long period of time in a write, ever notice the quality just dip down?

How do we fix that what? Any steps we can take right this very second? Yes! SCALES!

We can take a very basic major scale, and I'll take just the 1st three strings (6th, 5th, and 4th) I get particular with the fingers that I use and I'm not going to lift up the finger until the next one's down!  (Check out my video as I go deeper into explaining.)

Now this won't happen overnight, this is something that needs to be added into a consistent practice schedule. Put the time into this and you'll notice a difference! 

What are your thoughts? I'd love to know if you've ever run into this problem.