3 Reasons Why Songwriting Is Like The Great British Baking Show

baking bread free songwriting tips great british bake off great british baking show guitar production music confidence music indsutry advice music metaphors soggy bottoms song production songwriters Dec 03, 2020
Maybe you’re hooked on the Great British Baking Show like me. This show has a talented batch of amateur bakers that face off in a 10-week competition, whipping up their best bakes in the hopes of being named the U.K.'s winner.
The more I watch this, the more I realize it's just like songwriting. 
How? Here are 3 reasons why…
Don’t Rush It, You’ll Get A Soggy Bottom 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been yelling at the television when a baker is opening their oven door too soon. Even though they know the cooking time, they get a little impatient and try to rush the process. 
What happens…
…the inevitable “Soggy Bottom”. If only they gave it just a few more minutes!
So many songwriters try to rush the process. They're convinced that the song is done...even though the structure is a little rough, the key might not be right, and the overall chord voicings don't match. 
Trust the process, be patient, and don’t rush!
All Style No Substance
Sometimes the most impressive cake is brought to Paul and Prue. Gorgeous, tall, ornately designed. and it tastes…
…Awful! And as Paul would say “All style no substance” 
We could have the best production with a top mixing engineer but at the end of the day that doesn’t make a song killer. 
A great song can stand up to the most striped down versions. Production helps but should never be a crutch. 
You Gotta F**!kin’ Believe You Can Win
In the latest season of Bake Off, I was cheering so hard for Laura. She was always an underdog but she made it to the final!
The judges always loved her flavors, but she struggled with her self-confidence. Always doubting her ability and why she was even there. It was so difficult to watch because she clearly has so much potential to be phenomenal.
How many times have you felt like that? 
Wondering what’s the point? 
Felt like you could never measure up to other songwriters?

Keep going. Underdogs can rise to the top and plus have some killer stories.