Songwriting For Guitar Tip (Consistent Palm Muting)

acoustic guitar groove beginner guitar lesson best practice easy guitar tip effective practice electric guitar guitar lessons guitar technique guitar techniques intermediate guitar music confidence palm muting percussive strumming techniques perfecting guitar tips Aug 07, 2019

What's up everyone it's Tuesday and it's time for another song writing for guitar tip! This week I want to talk about palm muting. Now on the outside it seems like palm muting is very standard easy and super simple, but for a lot of people it's tricky to getting it sound consistent. I'm gonna give you a few tips to help improve your palm muting.

The first thing is to have your hand at an angle and to keep your pinky out like it got super glued to the side of your pick guard. Your second and third finger are gonna be loose they're gonna feel relaxed and then the first and thumb are holding the pick. When the second and third finger are relaxed that means there's going to be less tension on in the wrist. A lot of inconsistent palm muting comes from tension. A big thing, remember keep that hand to the side right by your bridge, you’re gonna get some more consistent palm muting music now when you start practicing a big thing with all guitar. . . . go slow!