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Increase Your Creativity and Finish Those Damn Songs!

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2020

Are you struggling with a bunch of unfinished songs, unproductive days, and a wandering mind that won't focus?

I feel ya... really, I was you. So many unfinished songs. It wasn't lack of time or laziness.

It was anxiety 

Once I started a daily meditation process, everything changed.

Now before you roll your eyes or say

"I can't do it, I've tried"


"Mike, this is some hippy bull$h!t" 

Just watch this conversation I had with meditation/yoga coach, Joy Stone, on very simple ways you can start adding this practice into your daily life. 


Get the songs and sounds out of your head!

What if you could. . . 

stop collecting those songs in your head and start getting them heard! With the Genre Jumping Cheat Sheet you can. You'll finally have a plan of action!