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Do You Know Your Mayo Chords?

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a fantastic holiday, this week we're gonna talk about mayo chords! 

Now here's why I call them "Mayo chords". If we were to eat a jar of mayonnaise it'd be nasty (that's disgusting and nobody should ever do that!) But when paired with the right thing (like a sandwich) it works really well!

Now some great Mayo Chord pairings would be B/C with C and Am. Another fantastic one would be F#/G with G and Em. We'll never start or hang for a long period of time on B/C or F#/G (aka "Mayo Chords")  it just wouldn't sit well.

These type of changes can signal "Hey we're coming into a new section!" It can create a little tiny bit of tension and a little bit more movement in your progressions.

How will you add Mayo Chords into your songs this week? Send me a message with a sample, I'd love to hear it.



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