The Metronome

acoustic guitar chord progressions electric guitar free metronome guitar chord practice routine guitar practice guitar tutorial metronome metronome work metrotimer strumming the metronome Sep 26, 2019

What's up everyone it's Tuesday and it's time for a "Songwriting For Guitar" tip. This week we're gonna talk about the metronome.

Now, many songwriting guitarists don't realize the importance of playing with a metronome consistently. You may not be recording the final product (the final version of the song) but you're gonna do a rough work tape and if it sounds choppy, rhythmically unstable, and all over the place that won't cut it! If you sit down with a new co-writer and you're playing sounds sloppy and inconsistent.  . .that's not a good impression!

It's important to sit down with a metronome and practice through chord progressions playing. That way when you play independently without the metronome and start at a specific speed, you commit to it! Theres one metronome I love and it's called MetroTimer, if you just type in the word "metronome" in your app store or google play it's one of the first ones that pop up. It's super easy, free, and it has a tap tempo feature that I love. I'd encourage you, if you don't use a metronome in your practices start pulling it in a little bit at a time. If you do I guarantee rhythmically you're gonna be way more stable and consistent.