Turning Chords Into A Hook

acoustic guitar electric guitar guitar chord guitar riff guitar techniques hooks intro song development song formula song intro techniques on guitar Aug 27, 2019

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

Today we're going to take clunky chords and we're gonna turn it into a loop/guitar hook.

I've noticed with a lot of songs, they're not using massive guitar chords. Instead of using chords they have a hooky guitar that starts off the song. So that means, it's strong enough to stand on its own but as soon as the melody is introduced it doesn't interfere. As more  things are added on top of it, the guitar falls into the background.

Let's say we're writing a song and we have the chords G, F, and Eb. Since they feel a bit clunky, let's take the roots and find them elsewhere on the guitar. I'm also going to find two constant notes that I come back to as I change my roots. In this case, I'll use Bb and C. I can make this palm muted, add a groove to it and suddenly we've taken these chords and we've turned it into a hook. Maybe that's the intro of our song and then our vocals come in and they go over top of it. This makes our guitar almost feels like you pulled it from Splice or an Apple loop. This was a simple example of how to start taking a chord progression and then suddenly turning it instead into a hook.

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