Find your next steps. .

to writing better hooks and improving your technique so you can: 

  • Write in variety of musical genres 
  • Build a library of catchy songs for licensing
  • Bring more to the table when writing with other artists 
  • Take your playing to the next level
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Hi, I'm Mike Meiers, songwriter,

guitar coach and producer..

I help songwriting guitarists enhance their skills

so they can write better songs and get them out

into the world

Benefits of working with me. . .

Develop Your Skills

Learn the essential guitar techniques, and arranging skills to write better songs and get more placements. 

Career Guidance 

I'll provide a custom plan to help you break into the music industry, license your music, and advance your music career 

Improve In Less Time 

Get feedback on ways to improve your songs and hooks


Austin Hatch 


"Mike is great in finding where a student is in their musical journey, meeting them there, and taking them where they want to go."

Lauren Chew


"Mike helped me to become a songwriter and get my songs down on paper and come to life."

60 Min Session

Let's get started with a 60 min session. 

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Songwriting Guitarist Package

Getting unstuck from old habits and working on songs doesn't always happen overnight. Let's work over the course of 4 60 min sessions. 

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