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Hi, I'm Mike Meiers, songwriter,

guitar coach, and producer..

I help songwriting guitarists enhance their 

skills so they can write better songs

and get them out into the world

My Story. . . 

For years I was a songwriter just like you.  I wanted my songs to be on TV.  I knew I could make more money with writing music instead of roaming the east coast in a van packed with 4 dudes and a bunch of gear, scraping by to earn gas money.  

Unfortunately everything I wrote sounded like my favorite music (pop-punk). This limited my ability to write in other styles and get placements on any shows. I found myself teaching guitar to supplement my income. 

In the back of my mind I still held on to the dream of being a songwriter. I almost gave up on my dream until. . .

I started to notice that there were certain shapes and patterns on the guitar that showed up across every genre of hit songs that I was teaching my students.

I worked out a system to easily write music in any style.

IT WORKED. I started getting placements. 

Fast forward to today:  I used what I created to write for other artists, license my music for TV and commercials, and earn a living as a musician. 

My Songs Have been heard on. . .


Here's a sneak peak of what's inside. . .

Current and upcoming topics. . .

  • Find the perfect chords to fit your melody
  • How to write and arrange multiple guitar parts for a song
  • Create catchy hooks and memorable melodies
  • Develop an arsenal of strumming patterns
  • How to record studio-level guitar tones
  • How to write a killer bridge
  • My Song-Starter Secrets to overcome writers block
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Ellen Crossley 

I can’t say enough about Mike and the confidence and skill set I have developed since deciding to invest in coach! 

Kate Smith

I’ve had several “lightbulb” moments with my guitar playing. He breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand

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