Songwriting For Guitar

This course is geared to help you become a stronger guitarist, and lead confidently with your instrument in cowrites. I'll help you gain better understanding of writing for multiple genres, and knowledge of guitar fundamentals.  

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Guitar 101 

Regardless of your background, or experience, lets start at the ground floor. Through my years of teaching I've found that there are key things guitarists overlook in songwriting. We'll walk through them to make sure these are things you won't overlook! 


Techniques and Strumming Patterns 

Some songwriting guitarists have a standard default strumming pattern, and sometimes lack techniques to enhance and spice up their songs. I'll teach you key techniques, so you can start adding them into your cowrites!

How To Lead In A Cowrite

Don't take a backseat durning the write! You have what it takes to lead musically. This class will help give you the confidence you need to hit genre targets, and walk away with a song you and your cowriter will be proud of! 

"Mikey Meiers has such amazing energy. He’s a very giving, kind, talented soul. It’s a pleasure to work with him "

Cathy Heller
Owner/President of Catch The Moon Music & Host of "Don't Keep Your Day Job"

Start gathering the tools you need to lead with your guitar!

I'm convinced with the right tools and mentoring you can succeed at leading with your guitar in cowrites successfully. Got questions? Don't hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]

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