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Everyone has a different style for writing so naturally co-writing might be intimidating. But once you find the right co-writer, it can be as easy as what you'll see here.

In the mini-course, Mike virtually sits down with Nashville based singer-songwriter and 2018 American Idol contestant, Madeline Finn... and we co-write a great song over Zoom!

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how the entire creative process comes together remotely from start to finish!

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This is a songwriting course for beginners and experienced musicians. Lainey gives the number one tool you can start using right now to change your songwriting. 

Does songwriting get easier? Yes! Even if you don’t think you’re at the level to compete with top songwriters today, you CAN!

Indie Pop artist Lainey Dionne, guides you through this easy to replicate process!



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Join Madeline Finn's class to conquer your fear and frustration with your DAW. Madeline hated recording when she first started, but now she’s able to finish great songs consistently, quickly and make money. 

Take your first step in your music production skills  - Take this four part training and learn an easy workflow, quick commands, MIDI input, recording tracks, drum additions, and simple mixing techniques.



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