Songwriting with my Guitar

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✓ The framework I use to understand and create songs that hit the mark with my guitar

✓ How to focus on the necesarry skills in small increments without wasting hours of your time

✓ How some people create amazing songs with simple chord structures that you can start to replicate (guitar chords can be easy)

✓ How to finally ditch confusing tutorials with an easy to understand system for writing and developing your guitar skills

  How to become a good songwriter with your guitar with an Emmy Winning musician

✓  How to create better ideas for songs just by taking your songwriting on guitar to another level

✓  Introduction to an entirely different style for writing using mindset shifts

✓  How to easily work through your songwriting block by opening up new melodies on your guitar

✓  Exactly the three elements I use to unlock better songs with my guitar 

✓  How to use your 15 minutes a day to change how you write your songs

✓  That improvement is possible!