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Is your guitar playing limiting your songwriting abilities?

Watch this video to learn the KEY to effectively communicating your lyrics and melodies.

Do you want to . . .
  • Make your songs more commercially appealing

  • Break out of the same old chord shapes that limit your creativity 

  • Create different sonic textures and emotions to discover new melodic possibilities

If you're ready to jump in with the four voicing shapes you can use in multiple genres, enter your best email address below right now!

YES. I'm Ready.

Songwriting Guitarist Quick Start Guide

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Hi, I'm Mike Meiers, songwriter,

guitar coach, and producer..

I help songwriting guitarists enhance their skills

so they can write better songs and get them out

into the world

Work With Me

My Story. . .

For years I was a songwriter just like you.  I wanted my songs to be on TV.  I knew I could make more money with writing music instead of roaming the east coast in a van packed with 4 dudes and a bunch of gear, scraping by to earn gas money.  

Unfortunately everything I wrote sounded like my favorite music (pop-punk). This limited my ability to write in other styles and get placements on any shows. I found myself teaching guitar to supplement my income. 

In the back of my mind I still held on to the dream of being a songwriter. I almost gave up on my dream until. . .

I started to notice that there were certain shapes and patterns on the guitar that showed up across every genre of hit songs that I was teaching my students.

I worked out a system to easily write music in any style.

IT WORKED. I started getting placements. 

Fast forward to today:  I used what I created to write for other artists, license my music for TV and commercials, and earn a living as a musician. 

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Emmy Award 2020

I'm humbled and honored to say I won an Emmy this year with a team for a commercial we did.

My Songs Have been heard on. . .


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Become a Songwriting For Guitar Insider 

Do you want to improve your songwriting skills, or get placements in film/TV? Want to know the songwriting secrets that I've used to license my music in film/TV, and get them cut by other artists?

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