Happy National Guitar Day

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In honor of National Guitar Day

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So you’ve been playing guitar for a while and you have some go-to strings you like (mine are the GHS Guitar Boomers). Even though you have a few backup strings in your guitar case, you realize you haven’t really changed them in a while…like too long of a while. But, you don’t jump to change them and *gasp* instead, hold off another day which turns into another week and then into a month because it’s kind of inconvenient. I’m here to remind you, just like your neighborhood dental hygienist telling you to floss more, get into a habit of changing your strings! You can do it! 

Why? Because your guitar doesn’t sound as vibrant as it could. The oils on your fingers are starting to corrode the strings, gunk builds up overtime (you saw the change of color right?) and all of that generally makes the guitar sound blahg. Not to mention it’s harder to keep it in tune when your strings are bogged down. So in honor of national guitar day, do your beautiful guitar a favor and change those strings! You’ll probably be drawn to play it more once it sounds it’s best again.

Rule of thumb: If you can’t remember the last time you changed your strings, it’s time to do it. 

How often I change the strings just depends on how much I’m playing certain guitars. Some get changed more than others. My one telecaster gets used a ton, and it’s not uncommon that I’m changing those strings every 3 weeks.

Since I record almost every other day, the crispness of changing those strings is really important to me because it really does affect the sound. I’d challenge anyone who says it doesn’t matter, to a duel. 

Quick String tips:

If you want instant gratification, you can use a household item like a low grade rubbing alcohol to clean your strings- you’ll pull up so much dirt it'll be unbelievable. Keep in mind, it’s not amazing for your acoustic fretboard long-term if you do this all the time, so go get yourself some solid string cleaner or a microfiber towel. 

And lastly, make your string changing easier and get a winder. You do not need to keep turning those pegs by hand. 

String Give-Away!

Today is February 11th, 2022, National Guitar Day. I want to send you a pack of GHS strings! Go follow me on social media (Instagram @songwritingforguitar or on  Tiktok @songwriting_for_guitar) Tag me in a post with your guitar and you’ll be entered to win some free GHS strings! You have until Saturday night to tag me. Tag you’re it!