Pre Order My Book!

Aug 03, 2023

The Songwriting Guitarist will soon be making it's way to the doors of songwriters and guitarists everywhere! Pre-order the book here.

In a world of viral tiktoks, reels, and short attention spans. . .why would I make a book?

Like a physical book with pages and no funny viral dance moves?!?

Seems silly, unnecessary and ridiculous.

That’s honestly what I told myself for a year and half. I kept thinking about writing a book but I consistently talked myself out of it.  

“You don’t have time”

“That’s so dumb”

“Who would want it”

But what’s funny is, those were some of my 1st thoughts whenever I was about to do something big in my life. Like moving into teaching full time, transitioning into music licensing, creating SFG.

So over time I recognized that this thought/dream wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. If anything, that voice inside got louder and louder.

I even had friends release a few books this year and every time I would tell them, “This is fantastic, your message needs to be heard”.

Yet. . .why wasn’t I moving on this???

So in June I decided I couldn’t ignore the voice anymore.

Time to write it.  

Time to stop making excuses (yes even I make excuses).

Time to share my decades worth of knowledge and experience on how songwriters can leverage their guitar skills.

And here we are. But I need your support.

The reason I push myself so hard is because I know my clients need an example. People NEED to see people and leaders in their community pushing the limit, stretching further, going past what they think is possible, and negating that voice that holds all of us back...

Why? So you can do it too.

That's why I do these things, and keep pushing on.

I hope you find inspiration in that and keep going! 

Pre-order the book here and let me know you're here with me!