Creativity on the Weekend

acoustic guitar begginer guitar best practice connect with other musicians creativity innovation creativity meditation creator electric guitar indie artist mindset to success no time to create questions for creatives song writing ideas sync licensing weekend creativity Aug 08, 2022

We all know weekends are great for unwinding and relaxing, especially for people who have a job 9-5 on the weekdays and need time for themselves. But if you’ll allow me a chance to suggest something about how to spend your time on a weekend, I’d say please, do something creative! Write a song, or plan a co-write.

I’m not saying to ignore your family or don’t rest, but please reserve an hour or two for your music. Going, going, going throughout the weekday, then coming back home and trying to be creative is just so much different.  You have a different type of energy and focus on the weekends and you can really do something great with it! Don’t let it go to waste.

You can create something so awesome in such a short amount of time because you have the energy, time and the ability to do that. 

If you’re thinking, “Oh it’s the weekend, I can do nothing!”  And that’s part of your regular mindset when it comes to creating, you’ve got to switch it fast.

If you haven’t carved out time regularly on the weekends, here’s a couple honest questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are you overwhelmed?

This is a totally honest question because if you feel overwhelmed and are doing too many things, you need to simplify and clear off your plate. Make certain aspects a priority and think in terms of how it’s going to help your next steps. Sometimes we’re overloading our plate and it’s crippling.

  1. Are you not sure what needs focus?

You’ve  been doing the thing for so long and you’re not sure, you kinda plateaued. It’s not a bad thing, you may need to seek some council to help get you to the next level 

  1. Are you not taking it seriously?

This isn’t meant to be harsh, but you don’t really care about the thing. When you really do care about the thing, you make time. When you care about your spouse or significant other, you make time to spend time with them. If you say developing these skills matter, and yet you’ve carved out very little time for that, I’m sorry it doesn’t matter to you. Saying it and doing it are completely different.

If you take anything from this article, remember this:  If you find the universe is giving you a bit more time…so don’t waste it! Create!