Guitar Essentials For The Modern Songwriter

This is the signature Songwriting For Guitar Course. It's time to embrace your unique sound and unleash your true potential on the fretboard. Our supportive community is here to lift you up, so you no longer have to navigate this journey alone. Let's silence those inner doubts and prove to yourself that you have what it takes to shine as a guitar virtuoso.

Take control of your musical destiny today. If you don't seize this opportunity, you'll remain stuck in a cycle of frustration, never fully exploring the songs your guitar can unlock!

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Tracking Guitar Like A Pro

Discover the art of crafting your voice memo riff into a masterpiece you'll be proud to showcase. In this 4-module masterclass, we delve into melodic hooks, layering, tone perfection, and simplified guitar mixing. No more endlessly hopping between YouTube videos to piece together a system on your own. Join now!

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Insiders Track Membership

Are you eager to skyrocket your songs into the limelight and rake in the royalties? Music for TV and Film holds incredible potential, but understanding the winning formula, construction, and pitch can be a daunting challenge.

Say goodbye to the confusion of unreliable "Sync Gurus" and embrace our live interactive monthly membership! Led by Mike, watch real-time track building, get invaluable insights from Artists Madeline Finn and Heather Taylor on pitching, and Q&A sessions. 

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Songwriting Guitarist Mastermind

Weekend songwriter to pro isn't a magical overnight transformation. It demands powerful systems, ingrained habits, expert guidance, and unwavering accountability. Brace yourself for the ultimate 12-week live course, exclusively designed for high-achievers like you, aiming to accelerate your transition to the next echelon of musical mastery.

This mastermind unleashes your full potential and propels you towards greatness. Don't gamble with uncertainty by trying to figure it out solo. Take charge of your destiny and fill out the high-level application today! It's time to step into the spotlight of success and unleash the extraordinary songwriter within you!

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