Guitar Essentials For The Modern Songwriter

This is the signature Songwriting For Guitar Course. If you're looking to get back into guitar or know some basic this course helps you utilizes your guitar to it's full potential. Mike will teach you his process on how to get the best possible songs with your guitar and make you an unstoppable Songwriting Guitarist. 


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Tracking Guitar Like A Pro

How do you start crafting your voice memo riff into something you're proud to show off? This 4 module masterclass covers melodic hooks, layering, dialing in tones and easy to understand guitar mixing! 

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Insiders Track Membership

Music for TV and Film is by far one of the best possible ways to get your songs out there and make money. But understanding what songs work, how to construct, and pitch them is another thing. In this live interactive monthly membership Mike builds out tracks in real time, Artist Heather Evans answers your questions on pitch, and live song critique sessions! 

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Songwriting Guitarist Mastermind

Weekend songwriter to pro doesn't happen over night. Systems, habits, guidance, and accountability need to happen. This high level application only 12 week live course is built to accelerate your ability to transition into your next level.  

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