For the first time in history musicians get to seriously take our music into our own hands! People would have killed even to have a voice recorder in their pocket to capture ideas. Now we have all this advantage and we need to know how to take advantage of it!  

We can get paid for work and stand out in the market and the only thing that's stopping us is ourselves and developing the needed skills.

Learn the secrets of an Emmy Winning Producer and session guitarist to get you on a level playing field. 

Transformation in Four Steps

If you have these four main concepts under your belt, the rest is gravy.

I made this course because TOO many guitarists are focused on too many details (correct dB's and eq's and what's compression and how do you get it perfect and just the right mic and etc...)

Stop overthinking and take this class  so you can stop getting caught up in the Db b.s.!

This will help you focus on the things you actually need to spend time developing.   

Develop Ear Candy Hooks

Arrange ear candy hooks and dial in better guitar tones faster to lift and enhance your songs.

Mix Guitars 101

No useless degree necessary to start getting some incredible guitar mixes on your own. 

$ave Monday And Make Money

Think of the money you'll save doing this on your own. Think of the money other will give you to do what they can't!
"I felt Like I was completely out of sync with what was being written and released today. Taking this masterclass with Mike, he was able to help me take what I had already knew about songwriting, but apply different techniques and voicings to freshen up my overall sound and really stand out in a mix"

-Robert Jacobs, Songwriter 

"I have taken production courses from several really great producers but Mike's course was the first one that really dove into getting the most out of your guitars, and then added some production techniques for mixing and layering that make a radio worthy final product!"

-John Schutt, Songwriter 

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  • Lifetime Access To All Modules 
  • BONUS Session Making An Indie Rock Track
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