the capo Aug 20, 2019

Time for a "Songwriting for Guitar Tip". . . this week we're gonna talk about the capo! For me as a songwriter, the capo is an awesome tool to use. This gives me the ability to write in different voicings.

If you're not sure what a voicing is, to put it simply, we can play the same chord but using different shapes. Let's say we have progression F major, B flat major, C major and D minor. These barre chords sound pretty bulky, kind of in your face. But if I were to take the capo on the fifth fret I can get a totally different voicing.

F is now C

Bb is now F

C is now G

Am is now Dm

I get a completely different feel and that may affect how I write my melodies. My whole point is this isn't a cop-out. Yes, the capo can help you play easy chords when you're starting guitar and play other songs but as you advance as a guitarist and songwriter this is a great tool for different voicings.

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Songwriting For Guitar Tip (Cleaning Your Strings)

cleaning strings Aug 13, 2019

We're going to talk about basic string maintenance and how to increase the longevity of your strings!
You're gonna need some super low grade rubbing alcohol or really cheap aftershave and a cloth! Take your rubbing alcohol (or aftershave whichever one you use) put a tiny bit right on the cloth and go up and down your strings. . . .look at the dirt!! The sweat and dirt on your hands from playing goes right on your strings. This can cause it to corrode and wear away your strings.
So after playing, clean them! It's going to increase the longevity and you're gonna have your strings last a lot longer than they usually do!
Got a question, something you want me to cover for a future video? Just e-mail me at [email protected]
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Songwriting For Guitar Tip (Consistent Palm Muting)

palm muting Aug 07, 2019

What's up everyone it's Tuesday and it's time for another song writing for guitar tip! This week I want to talk about palm muting. Now on the outside it seems like palm muting is very standard easy and super simple, but for a lot of people it's tricky to getting it sound consistent. I'm gonna give you a few tips to help improve your palm muting.

The first thing is to have your hand at an angle and to keep your pinky out like it got super glued to the side of your pick guard. Your second and third finger are gonna be loose they're gonna feel relaxed and then the first and thumb are holding the pick. When the second and third finger are relaxed that means there's going to be less tension on in the wrist. A lot of inconsistent palm muting comes from tension. A big thing, remember keep that hand to the side right by your bridge, you’re gonna get some more consistent palm muting music now when you start practicing a big thing with all guitar. . . . go slow!

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Building A Practice Routine

practice Jul 30, 2019

Building a better practice routine, is one of the trickiest things for any guitar player/singer songwriter. Stop have this unreasonable expectations when practicing! Set very reasonable (yes, reasonable goals. . . you're an adult, life happens!)

Pick a focus item (Scales, chords, a chorus a song you want to learn)
You'll feel better and start to build a more focused/consistent practicing routine. 

Not sure where to start? Shoot me a message at [email protected] 

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You're Fine Just As You Are

you're fine Jul 16, 2019

Far too often when I get a new student or have a mentoring session with someone for guitar they say a few phrases. . .

"I'm not that good"

"I'm awful"

"My technique it terrible"

"I'll never be good"

. . STOP! The language we use matters. It can effect our playing!!

Yes we're all working hard on those things but remember, how you are right now, is just fine. Right now in this moment . . .you are fine just as you are.  

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Picking Patterns

picking patterns Jul 09, 2019

Most of the time we don't give thought into getting creative with our picking patterns. Sometimes they have the same feel . . .back and forth . . .back and forth. Today let's break that by spicing up our pattern! 

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Which pick is right for you?


This week we're gonna talk about picks. Why am I being so picky?? (Sorry I had to) We spend some much time searching for the perfect guitar, the right brand of strings we sometimes skip over the most important item. . .the pick! In my experience, the pick you use dictates the genre you're writing in. Test and don't be afraid to experiment with different pick thickness, find out which is best suited for you.  



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