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You're Fine Just As You Are

you're fine Jul 16, 2019

Far too often when I get a new student or have a mentoring session with someone for guitar they say a few phrases. . .

"I'm not that good"

"I'm awful"

"My technique it terrible"

"I'll never be good"

. . STOP! The language we use matters. It can effect our playing!!

Yes we're all working hard on those things but remember, how you are right now, is just fine. Right now in this moment . . .you are fine just as you are.  

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Picking Patterns

picking patterns Jul 09, 2019

Most of the time we don't give thought into getting creative with our picking patterns. Sometimes they have the same feel . . .back and forth . . .back and forth. Today let's break that by spicing up our pattern! 

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Which pick is right for you?


This week we're gonna talk about picks. Why am I being so picky?? (Sorry I had to) We spend some much time searching for the perfect guitar, the right brand of strings we sometimes skip over the most important item. . .the pick! In my experience, the pick you use dictates the genre you're writing in. Test and don't be afraid to experiment with different pick thickness, find out which is best suited for you.  



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